Get out and Ride

After living in Montana for most of my grown life, I have found myself always serching for new zones to snowboard and bike. Over the past few years alot of my adventrues were inspired by looking at mountain ranges on google earth, then getting online to reasearch access to them. I have found that the majority of my inspiration as of late, has come from blogs that I have stumbled apon. These blogs have not only inspired me, they consistently teach me of all the great areas of Montana I have not seen. On top of the inspiration, these blogs have kept me curiously searching for more. They have also helped me plan trips and access areas without a throw-away scouting trip. I hope that this blog can do the same for a couple more people in Montana. I hope that this inspires other to get out and REALLY see Montana. This blog is for all those who participate in the endless search for more....More mountain escapes, whiteroom apointments, after work bike rides, or persuit of personal progression, Most of us are in the constant serach for Gnarnia. Lets get out and Ride. What do you ride for? I made this blog to display my seach in hopes of inspiration, less solo missions, and more adventures with like minded individuals.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Getting out of the Inversion to look for soft snow.

What was looking to be an amazing season with snow stacking up early, has taken a tough turn the last few weeks.  The snowpack in the Missoula area took a pretty good hit during the weekend of Thanksgiving, high pressure and strong valley inversions followed.  The low hanging fruit which was close to being ready to go quickly disappeared.  The name of the game as of late has been traveling and finding higher mountain ranges.  For this weekend the only thing on my agenda was getting out of the valley inversions.  It is extremely hard to sit in the valley knowing that above you is warm sunny weather.  Nothing makes you feel more lucky than getting out of it and enjoying some of the enjoyable mountain weather that lies above.  This day was no different and we found ourselves lapping great preserved powder in the sun.  The highlight for me was seeing some of the biggest surface hoar I have ever seen.  The crystals looked like leaves off of a tree ranging from 1.25 to 1.5 inches in the largest formation.  It was truly beautiful to see some of the ways nature works.  I hope for our sake it gets destroyed, but if its present you might as well enjoy it. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

East of the Divide....Its all about the experience

I have had a realization as of late.  Sometimes it is not the snowboarding that I am after.  I am beginning to realize that snowboarding is one of our many vehicles to put into motion soulful experiences as a whole.  Snowboarding itself is a very rewarding experience, but without the added experiences seems a little lack luster at times while skinning alone.  This life is about the people we share the experience with, not necessarily the experience itself.  Sometimes its the perfect excuse to see friends you have not seen in a while. When I revisit last weekend I find myself thinking about the long in-depth discussions and picking guitars over good food, and a few tasty hot toddies.  Sometimes its the trips to the brewery and local hot springs which become more vivid in the memory than the actual turns of the day.  Its the combination of these two parts of life that are tough to beat.  Catching up with old friends you grew up with as a kid a time machine of sorts.  No matter the time apart it always seems like a few days since you last met.  Connections that are hard to find, but when you do you understand how lucky you are to have people like this in your life.  The experience as a whole therapeutic, and the turns the icing on the cake.  I am lucky to have these solid folks in my life.





Saturday, October 28, 2017

A little spring skiing in October

Spring like skiing the fourth weekend of October is a real treat.  Adding to the confusion of this early season, feeling much more like a May tour than October.  Hard to wrap the brain around, but I will take it.  Watching the snotel for the past four weeks I knew the range would hold the potential for some decent turns.  Motivation was lacking last weekend with very high winds and precipitation forecasted, however when I saw warm temps, no wind, and bluebird conditions I could not pass on the opportunity.  Skinning around in a T shirt through the golden light of the disappearing western Larch trees a special treat in the early season.  One I feel lucky to experience very seldom. 

These early season tours are worth capitalizing on.  Easy, drivable access combined with beautiful mountain weather and typically stable snow something you don't get mid season.  The facts make skiing early season worth the attempt.

With four weeks of on and off again snow storms the base was well developed.  In areas exposed to direct sunlight corn conditions, while north facing terrain yielded preserved powder.  The turns were surprisingly amazing, with no ice experienced the whole day. Sitting atop the ridgeline on a windless day taking in the snowy scenery without another soul in site worth the experience alone.  Like most trips to the mountains I could not wipe the smile from my face this day.  Early season turns have a way of feeling like an extra bonus you should not be experiencing, special bonus tours that you do not anticipate.

Skinning around enjoying the turns was great.  In the back of my mind I couldn't help but cherish being in these hills as I anticipate the first storms of winter sitting atop a month old snowpack may be problematic at first.  More reason to get out and enjoy the high country while you have the opportunity.  Ill be keeping a keen eye on the north facing terrain during the first few systems.