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After living in Montana for most of my grown life, I have found myself always serching for new zones to snowboard and bike. Over the past few years alot of my adventrues were inspired by looking at mountain ranges on google earth, then getting online to reasearch access to them. I have found that the majority of my inspiration as of late, has come from blogs that I have stumbled apon. These blogs have not only inspired me, they consistently teach me of all the great areas of Montana I have not seen. On top of the inspiration, these blogs have kept me curiously searching for more. They have also helped me plan trips and access areas without a throw-away scouting trip. I hope that this blog can do the same for a couple more people in Montana. I hope that this inspires other to get out and REALLY see Montana. This blog is for all those who participate in the endless search for more....More mountain escapes, whiteroom apointments, after work bike rides, or persuit of personal progression, Most of us are in the constant serach for Gnarnia. Lets get out and Ride. What do you ride for? I made this blog to display my seach in hopes of inspiration, less solo missions, and more adventures with like minded individuals.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Early Season in Montana

Just another early season in Montana.  I always have high hopes of hitting big, alpine objectives early in the year.  Every year I am exited and anxious to push terrain.  I think for the first time in my life, I have come to the grips that it is rare in Montana that we get to push terrain early.  We can occasionally get lucky in late October and November, however after the first few storms a different story.

I don't trust the pack this year.  More typical of what I am used to around here, we have a warmer and dryer than average winter on our hands.  Stuck with the "persistent" deep instability.  One most skiers dread hearing.  I dislike this because it becomes extremely tricky to assess the snow stability. The classic low probability high consequence scenario.  Numerous wind events creating variability in pits, making you question yourself.  If you look hard enough you can find a positive result to lure you into riding even though you know better.  In times like this I refer more to what I am seeing, and what I am feeling as I travel through the mountains and I don't like what I see.  Maybe age and being a salty dog restrains me, but the decision is easy not to consider pushing it.  Way to many whoomps, and way to many shooting cracks to even consider it.  Its hard to put that feeling in the back of your mind telling you "maybe somewhere is stable?" away when that is what you long for, but for me I am letting this play out for a while.

Its hard to argue with the obvious when the snow has been so good.  I have not had a bad ski day this year, enjoying numerous days with beautiful light and soft, playful powder.  So until it is go time, Ill keep skiing good snow and put more weight into the beauty of the mountains, and how fortunate I am to be traveling through them. 

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