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After living in Montana for most of my grown life, I have found myself always serching for new zones to snowboard and bike. Over the past few years alot of my adventrues were inspired by looking at mountain ranges on google earth, then getting online to reasearch access to them. I have found that the majority of my inspiration as of late, has come from blogs that I have stumbled apon. These blogs have not only inspired me, they consistently teach me of all the great areas of Montana I have not seen. On top of the inspiration, these blogs have kept me curiously searching for more. They have also helped me plan trips and access areas without a throw-away scouting trip. I hope that this blog can do the same for a couple more people in Montana. I hope that this inspires other to get out and REALLY see Montana. This blog is for all those who participate in the endless search for more....More mountain escapes, whiteroom apointments, after work bike rides, or persuit of personal progression, Most of us are in the constant serach for Gnarnia. Lets get out and Ride. What do you ride for? I made this blog to display my seach in hopes of inspiration, less solo missions, and more adventures with like minded individuals.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fire and Ice-Monochrome Landscapes

The partly cloudy forecast for the day never materialized.  Instead we were given the decision we often have to make in the mountains.  Push to the summit as planned in hopes that the socked in conditions would break, or assume they will not and enjoy far more powder riding in excellent snow conditions.  We chose the later with the thickness of the overlying cloud deck.  This is rare for us, with that constant itch for exploration, but today it was the right call considering the high peaks were socked in until sunset. 

At first I was somewhat disappointed.  Doing things I have done before always seem to be missing a little something.  Its hard to argue with a summit view on a clear day.  They become addicting, leaving you longing for the next one.  This day however was different when an area I have skied before surprised me.  A recent burn in the area changed the landscape.  Blackened trees stand where I remember beautiful, green old growth.  By themselves an eerie dark figure.  This day was different.  With the low lying clouds, frost had grown on the needle-less dark trees.  This phenominon giving the black trees what appeared to be needles again.  Instead of green needles, white ones.  It was a surreal experience skinning through the forest which now looked full again.  On typical low light winter days the experience can feel quite colorless.  On this day however it felt like walking through a real time black and white monochrome forest.  While this is an area I have been before, that day it felt like exploring something entirely new.  A neat experience which made the day for me.  Oh, and the snowboarding was excellent.



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